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Transformers: Age of Extinction / Transformers 4< Movie~Watch Putlocker~Online Free Full Megashare

Plot : Following the battle involving the Autobots and Decepticons that leveled Chicago, humanity thinks that each one alien robots really certainly can be a threat. So Harold Attinger, a CIA agent, establishes a unit whose sole purpose usually is to hunt down all them. But as it happens that they‘re aided by another alien robot that is looking for Optimus Prime. Cade Yeager, a suggestion:inch,inches,in[click to edit]')" onmouseout="UnTip()">" robotics expert suggestion:inch,inches,in[click to edit]')" onmouseout="UnTip()">", buys an old truck and upon examining it, he thinks it is a Transformer. When he powers it up, he discovers it is Optimus Prime. Later, men coming from the unit come up attempting to find Optimus. He helps Yeager and his daughter Tessa escape but they are pursued from the hunter. They escape and Yeager learns from technology he took coming from the men that the technology magnate and defense contractor named Joshua Joyce is section of what is happening, so that they go to see what is happening.
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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Genre : / Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi | Runtime : 165 min Minutes

Also Known As: Transformers 4

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 : 1


Budget: $210,000,000

Release Date: 27 June 2014 (USA)

Runtime: 165 min

Directors: n/A

Rating: 6.0

Color: n/A

Countries: n/A

Company: n/A

Creators: n/A

Description: Autobots must escape sight from a bounty hunter who takes control of the human serendipity: Unexpectedly, Optimus Prime and his remaining gang turn to a mechanic and his daughter for help.

Cast (limited to 5): n/A

Cast as URL (default limited to 20): n/A

Genres: / Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Languages: n/A

Location: n/A


Opening Weekend: $100,038,390

Plot (shortened to 150 chars): After the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons that leveled Chicago, humanity thinks that all alien robots are a threat. So Harold Attinger, a…

Poster: posters/2109248.jpg

Seasons: n/A

Sound Mix: n/A

Tagline: Stand together or face extinction.

Title: Transformers: Age of Extinction


Votes: 137,735

Writers: n/A

Year: 2014

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